Many Carers find themselves in a difficult financial position. This fund exists to provide the Carer with monies for essential items or services that they cannot afford and where funding is unavailable elsewhere. The funding is available until it lasts or before the end of October 2023.



  • Carers AGED 65 YEARS & OLDER can apply. 
  • Carers do not need to be registered with a Carers Centre  
  • No other source of funding is available for the request made. 
  • Awards will not exceed £200 unless there are exceptional circumstances  
  • The grants do not require to be repaid. 
  • Evidence of income/expenditure is not required. 


Examples of funding

  • Heating costs 
  • Food 
  • Fuel costs 
  • Other transport costs 
  • (This list is not exhaustive) 


Carers should contact Dochas Carers Centre if interested in applying for the Emergency Fund. The application can only be made through the Dochas Centre. Contact 01546 600 022 for information.