It is ‘unpaid’ Carers’ Week from June 6 – 10. The theme this year is ‘Visible, Valued and Supported’.

An unpaid carer, cares for a loved one, for no financial benefit. The sacrifices are huge, no matter how much a carer wants to do this. Many carers do not even recognise themselves as carers, placing their loved ones first and foremost and neglecting themselves.

Dochas Carer Centre supports carers across Islay and Jura.

I am in awe of the carers I support as they give of themselves unconditionally and very rarely complain about their role.

On June 7, we had ‘Afternoon Delights’ at Craigard. It was the most amazing afternoon tea and Nicola’s efforts were there to be seen, with the very able support of Erin. Thank you both.

We were made to feel so welcome and carers had huge smiles across their faces, as each delicacy appeared on our tables.

Unpaid carers rarely have the opportunity to sit down, relax and enjoy time where they feel special.

I want to recognise and appreciate them all, for the integral role they play in caring for others.